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3 Stories High takes spoken word storytelling to a thrilling new place. Complex and hypnotic tales of love, crime and the supernatural, in which a carefully-crafted musical score becomes an additional character in several remarkable, unconventional narratives. The result is an evening of movies for the mind.


Piano, guitar, violin, flute, drum and even an accordion set the mood for 3 Stories High. You will be taken on a journey with a woman who finds something unexpected while undergoing an MRI; a GPS mapmaker who becomes embroiled in some very unusual illegal activity, and an African king who must get to the bottom of a death among his people–and the animals that may have had something to do with it.

Join writer and spoken-word artist James Napoli and composer-musicians Kate Kohler and Rob Kohler for three wonderful stories and the tremendous musical energy that heightens the emotions and characters behind them.  Join us for 3 Stories High. And listen to the movies.

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3 Stories - Show on Stage

Kate, James and Rob performing M.R.I.


Kate and Rob rocking out in disguise during The Road that Les Traveled.

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