Well, you know about this one already.

The Big Bad Ass Book of Dreams – In which the author was asked to take an existing guide to dream interpretation and find a bunch of places to insert snarky commentary that exposes the comical seamy underbelly of the collective id.  You will laugh until you stop.

Violation! The Ultimate Ticket Book – Being a collection of tickets one can hand out to one’s friends, relatives and enemies for the countless everyday infractions they commit.

Love Violation! Being the same as the above, only exclusively about dating, relationships, marriage & sex.

The Big Bad Ass Book of the Zodiac – In which the author was paid to rip the zodiac a new one in much the same way as he ripped dream interpretation. (You can perceive, no doubt, how the author writes successful books that demand sequels, yes?)

Shove it Upwards! A Mr. Paul Maul Book – James’ satirical motivational speaker alter-ego wrote an eBook that is perhaps the most irreverent spin on self-help you will ever read.

The North Pole Employee Handbook: A Guide to Policies, Rules, Regulations and Daily Operations for the Worker at North Pole Industries – With notes in the margin by a disgruntled elf.  Needless to say, things are not that cheerful in Santa’s workshop.